Greetings Comrades,

       I wish to thank the membership of Post 5491 for placing your trust and confidence in me by electing me your Commander. 

As your commander for 2010-2011 I am pleased and honored to make this inaugural Commanders message on our post's website.  I would like to thank Charlie Monte and Fernando Martinez for making this website a reality.

I would like to briefly explain how the post's website will maintained.  First a postal mailing will be sent to all members to inform them of our website address.  Current information and post events will be posted and periodically updated.  Contributors to the website will include the Commander, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, Mens Auxiliary and Service Officer.  If there are any questions or concerns, the post may be reached at (845) 628-9798.

In the last year much has been done to improve and modernize our post.  A new sea wall and pavilion were erected providing more usable and sheltered space.  A new heater and hot water heater were installed providing necessary heat and hot water.  New electric lines were installed to provide outside electric when needed.  These construction projects and other maintenance programs were funded through grants awarded to our post.  These grants totaling over 30K were secured by the timely and tedious application process submitted by Charlie and Mary Monte.  Our sincere thanks goes out to them for their hard work.  On behalf of the post I also want to thank the following persons for donating their time or material.  Tony DelDuco, Charlie Miller, George Castegnes and his crew, Chuck Miller, Rich S., Stevie O, Bobby M., Mahopac RR Tie, and the many other persons who helped make these projects a reality.

Looking forward on the drawing board the post is planning to replace the water softener, replace the lake raft and placing a retractable sunsetter over the picnic area.

Please click on the Events tab to view upcoming events on the calendar.

To join our mailing list please provide your e-mail address, name, address and phone number to vfwpost5491@vfwpost5491.org 

                                                                                 Fraternally yours,

                                                                                 Lawernce Miller